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The Products

Compact, flexible battery monitor

Our core offering designed for long term monitoring of your battery over its entire life cycle

GPS equipped monitor

Ideal for asset management

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Battery Confidence
Save Money 2.png
Save Money
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The Battery Pulse technology offers these benefits:

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Provides Confidence

that the battery will perform when required. 
Measurements include AC impedance to accurately reflect battery health. Boosts the reliability and reputation of your product.

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Save money and the environment

by diagnosing faults remotely and replacing batteries only when necessary.

Group 59.png
Monitors Usage Patterns

for fault analysis, warranty management and product improvement. 

Group 52.png
Maintains audit trails

With blockchain and cloud storage options for safety, regulatory compliance and quality control.

Group 53.png
Small Size and Low Cost

It can be readily designed into your product or retrofitted to existing stock.

Group 54.png
Wireless readout and reporting

To suit your requirements with options from NFC to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular.

Group 55.png
Works for virtually all types of rechargeable battery

Including Lithium, Lead-Acid, NiCad etc., from 2 volts up to 48 volts or more.

Group 96.png
On-the-spot diagnosis of faults

Including impending failures, eliminating the delay of ‘return to factory’ testing.

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