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About Us

Since 2016 we have been developing Battery Pulse.

Our aim is to deliver innovative technology to help you get the most from your batteries, enhancing reliability while reducing costs and the impact on the environment.


The idea for a battery monitor came from the desire to improve the battery performance and reliability of golf equipment.

Keith Frewin

Engineering Director

Barry Young

Commercial Director

About Engineer Keith Frewin

Keith has for a long time played a pivotal role in developing groundbreaking products in the communications, financial and aviation sectors.


•    Payphones and paging systems in Malaysia
•    Electronic detonator timers for quarrying and demolition explosives
•    Ground beacons for aircraft navigation
•    The world’s first low cost radar receiver to enable flight tracking
•    An innovative system for real time display of prices over the TV network used by the London Stock Exchange and others
•    A real time financial index calculation system used for many years by FTSE and Standard and Poor’s to calculate the majority of their indices, including the FTSE-100, 250, 350, and All Share index, for dissemination to the markets 

About Barry Young

Barry has a background as a senior executive in the sporting equipment retail sector.

Barry has worked as a PGA Qualified Golf Professional and Retail Manager for over 3 decades, during which his involvement in golf trolley repairs sparked an interest in battery health. With the drive to come up with a practical solution for an on-going problem with all battery operated products Barry contacted Keith, the technical brain behind the operation, and Battery Pulse was founded.

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