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Battery Monitor

Compact, flexible battery monitor

Our core offering designed for long term monitoring of your battery over its entire life cycle


Monitors battery health and usage patterns


Measures voltage, current, temperature and impedance


Various wireless communication options for remote reporting and alerting


Ultra low power consumption, so that the battery is not drained while monitoring for long periods even in storage


Built in memory can retain data for months or years


Can be configured to your battery type and requirements

What can our Battery Monitor be used for?

Battery manufacturers, for lifetime monitoring of the battery

Standby,  Emergency and Safety Critical Equipment: Alarms, fire, medical, hospitals, Lighting, IT Backup and Data Centres

Motor Vehicles: Cars, caravans, vans, trucks, motorbikes
Marine equipment: boats, yachts

Bicycles and sporting equipment

Power tools and garden tools

Aviation and railways

Solar power and wind turbines

Battery Health - Powering the Future

Monitor - Test - Trust

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